The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation and Grotta Fund for Senior Care encourage and support research that will help inform and support age-friendly efforts and help communities arrive at "best practices" for substantive and sustainable innovation

Here are the some of the most recent research efforts.

Beginning in 2016, eight communities across northern New Jersey received philanthropic grants to launch age-friendly community initiatives (AFCIs). What do these initiatives look like four years into their development? Based on a 2020 survey of the inaugural members of the North Jersey Alliance of Age-Friendly Communities, this report provides an overview of the people, groups, organizations, and resources that support the initiatives’ work towards making their communities better places for long lives. These findings can help guide policy and practice to support the age-friendly movement as it takes hold and expands in New Jersey and beyond.

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Land use is a critical factor in a town’s livability and especially for older residents. Including aging-friendly factors in local planning like affordable and diverse housing, transportation, walkability, flexible employment opportunities, and access to daily activities and socialization helps towns ensure that older residents can continue to live and thrive independently in the communities they know and love. New Jersey Future has been helping towns proactively design their built environments to accommodate the needs of an aging population. This guide is a step-by-step resource for anyone interested in fostering a community initiative to integrate aging-friendly design principles into local land use policies and practices .

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Giving, Receiving, and Doing Together: Interorganizational Interactions in Age-Friendly Community Initiatives. 

In this peer-reviewed publication in the Journal of Aging & Social Policy, Althea Pestine-Stevens and Emily A. Greenfield analyzed five waves of interviews with AFNJ Core Team Leaders and report on the ways in which age-friendly leaders work together with their community partners.

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Responding to Local Needs by Mobilizing Community Assets: Age-Friendly Community Initiatives During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Emily A. Greenfield, Althea Pestine-Stevens, and Clara Scher highlight the ways in which age-friendly leaders were uniquely positioned to respond to their communities' needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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