Information about the New Jersey Age-Friendly Statewide Collaborative*

Pictured above: Members of the New Jersey Age-Friendly Statewide Collaborative participated on a panel titled "More Than Tomatoes: Home-Grown Efforts to Spur Age-Friendly Community Work in New Jersey," at the 2023 conference of New Jersey Advocates for Aging Well.

Age-Friendly North Jersey (AFNJ) participates in the New Jersey Age-Friendly Statewide Collaborative. Similar to the AFNJ alliance, the Collaborative is a cross-sectoral network of organizations committed to advancing the Age-Friendly Movement across the Garden State. 

The Collaborative emerged from a group of statewide organizations that came together to convene the 2020 New Jersey Age-Friendly Leadership Summit. The Collaborative continues to organize itself largely within the private sector. Participants engage by attending meetings of at least one of the following groups of the Collaborative:

-  Steering Committee: Coordinates and supports the Collaborative, including high-level strategic direction and policies.
-  Local Accelerator Group: Serves to amplify existing age-friendly community work at the local level, as well as to support the initiation of new efforts, throughout New Jersey.
-  State Policy Committee: Develops state advocacy strategies with a person-centered and place-based approach to aging across a broad range of issues and sectors. 

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Programming from the Local Accelerator Group

April 19, 2023

Cultivating Ambassadors for Your Age-Friendly Community


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